About VirtuS

In Ancient Rome, 'Virtus' was a specific virtue. It carried connotations of valor, manliness, excellence, courage, character, and worth, perceived as strengths.

VirtuSphotography is founded on the ideology that 'Virtus' is the virtue peculiar to the photographer who through the photo compositions becomes an artist.

Sandrine is a practising Barrister-at-Law in Mauritius by profession. Yet, as a young and passionate photographer, she took a basic course in photography at the Zoom IN Centre in London, while studying for her law degree. She also freelances as a photographer during her spare time.

Sandrine believes that every moment is worth being embraced and cherished.

This is why, at VirtuSphotography, it aims to deliver simple, honest, candid and thoughtful photos, by shooting in a fun and interactive setting.

The Photographer
Sandrine Tsang Mang Kin
fond memories"